Monday, February 26, 2007

Moving ahead

Sent in my visa application today, along with my doctor's letter, chest x-ray report, police clearance, sponsor letter, bank statement, passport, and $88. They will know more about me than anyone else on Earth. If all goes accoring to plan, 10 days from now I should be cleared by the ZA government to stay.

Next up: finding an apartment. I'll start that this week.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Starting the process...

I'm finally starting to hit the paperwork. Not too bad, but time consuming with all the documentation you need: Police report showing I'm not a public menace, doctor's report and chest x-ray, bank statement and sponsor letter. I should have everything wrapped up in the next couple weeks, and April 1 is still looking good.

My one hurdle is still there, and actually looking more promising by the day. I should know in the next couple weeks if that will become a reality or not. My consulting projects are still going well and should be clear by end of March, right on time.

Stay tuned.